Medicare Arrangements for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

How to access specific MRI services and Medicare-eligible MRI unit locations nationally.

Page last updated: 18 March 2020

MRI is a sophisticated and expensive technology. Successive Governments have had to ensure that the provision of public funding for MRI is both fair and financially responsible. Accordingly, since its introduction on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), MRI has been carefully managed through a series of targeted expansion processes as well as provider, requestor and item level restrictions. These controls help to support the provision of high quality, safe and cost effective health care for all Australians as both patients and taxpayers.

Not all MRI units are Medicare-eligible i.e. eligible to provide Medicare rebatable services.

The list of Medicare-eligible units can be found below.

Practice locations are ordered alphabetically by state, and for each state a separate list exist for locations with full and partial Medicare eligibility.

MRI unit locations

Australia wide state by state locations of all Medicare-eligible (full and partial) MRI units.

MRI services

MRI fact sheets

This page includes direct links to detailed service information, requester requirements and access details.