Options for reforming the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme Regulation Impact Statement

Consultation on the review of NICNAS draft regulatory impact statement.

Page last updated: 14 June 2013

The purpose of this Draft Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) is to assist the Australian Government to make decisions regarding any necessary reforms in relation to NICNAS.

To achieve this, the Draf RIS assesses the impact of four options for reform and compares these options to the base case (no reform) and makes recommendations regarding a preferred option.

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Table of contents

  • Part A: Context
  • Part B: Purpose of this Regulation Impact Statement
  • Part C: Background – Existing regulation of industrial chemicals
  • Part D: The problem or issue that gives rise to the need for action
  • Part E: The desired objectives
  • Part F: The options
  • Part G: Analysis of impacts
  • Part H: Consultation
  • Part I: Conclusion and recommended option
  • Part J: Implementation and Review
  • Attachment A - Current state impact analysis: NICNAS Processes
  • Attachment B - Detailed information regarding Option 3
  • Attachment C - Estimate of chemicals likely to fall within each class (Option 3)

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