PBS Hospital Medication Chart

The Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) Hospital Medication Chart (HMC) is a paper-based medication chart developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) for use by Australian public and private hospitals. The PBS HMC provides an alternative option for the prescribing, dispensing, and claiming of PBS and Repatriation PBS (RPBS) medicines in the hospital setting.

Page last updated: 05 April 2017

The PBS HMC aims to improve the safety of medication management in Australian hospitals through standardised medication charting and medication management practice. It also helps to reduce the administrative burden on hospitals by providing an alternative option for the prescribing, dispensing and claiming of PBS medicines in these settings.

The PBS HMC enables the supply and claiming of all PBS prescriptions directly from a patient’s hospital medication chart, eliminating the need for a hard copy PBS prescription. This reduces the opportunity for errors that arise when prescribers transcribe from the chart to a separate prescription.

The PBS HMC consolidates a patient’s medicines story in a single document and assists prescribers to complete timely medicines review for discharge, leading to improved quality use of medicines outcomes.

The PBS HMC is being implemented in two phases:

  • Phase One (completed) involved the development and trial of the paper based PBS HMC. This work was undertaken by the Commission. The PBS HMC is now available for use by hospitals. The PBS HMC, including guidance documentation and the trial evaluation report, is available on the Commission’s website.
  • Phase Two will involve the development of specifications for an electronic version of the PBS HMC to allow for electronic prescribing and claiming of PBS medicines in the hospital setting from mid 2017.
To support health professionals in using the PBS HMC, NPS MedicineWise has developed an online learning course in consultation with the Commission. The course can help prescribers, pharmacists and nurses enhance their existing skills, or gain an understanding of the role that medication charts play in medication management. The National Standard Medication Charts 2017 course is available on the NPS MedicineWise Online Learning website.

PDF version: Medication Chart Fact Sheet (PDF 102 KB)
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PDF version: Medication Chart FAQ (PDF 159 KB)
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